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Stainless Steel Decorative Sheets

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Stainless Steel Decorative Sheets

(Summary description)Shandong Lian Ge Special Steel Co., Ltd. is well-known throughout the country with good reputation, high-quality products,

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1. We have the unique patent and patent number in the world

2. We can cast the thinnest 1.2mm large items, finally can cast 5mm thick products

3. We can make the details, concave and convex stereo feeling of the products finer, cast all wood carving

    products, and make the products more beautiful, and we have solved the problem in the products that can only use

    the copper on the market at present

4. Hollow products: the whole product can be made all hollow out in the middle, which solves the problems in the

    bulky of products and the waste of energy

5. No deformation: other metal products will be deformed, but stainless steel products won’t be deformed even

    dropped from a height

6. The color of products can be red, blue, green, black and more, and the color also can be made like copper, 

    trees, antique and others

7. Never fade

8. Stainless steel is cheaper than copper

9. The products have a wide scope of application

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